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Delphic Newtown United redeem themselves against S.L.Horsford’s St. Pauls.

When the first whistle blew for the third game of the SKNA Final Four Playoffs< the odds were in St. Paul's favour. The humiliating defeat that was brought upon UDC Garden Hotspurs by St. Pauls would supposedly repeat itself and St. Pauls would advance to the Finals. This however, was not in the plans nor minds of the Delphic Newtown United players and staff. As soon as the first whistle blew, Newtown stood their ground and faced their competitors, unwilling to be overthrown easily. St. Paul's skill set is rather impressive, but the fight that Newtown displayed tonight was quite commendable. Fifteen minutes into the game, Newtown's leading goal scorer Zevon Archibald stole a chance and did not let it go to waste. With one more touch of the ball, St. Pauls felt victory seep through their fingers like grains of sand on a hot beach. Though it was early in the game, who could blame the Newtown fans for expressing their excitement? The Iron Band struck and the red shirts meandered through the black and red with their chest firmly lifted and smiles stretching from one end of the stadium to another. At the end of halftime, the game was still at one goal to nil and the Newtown fans could be seen looking at their watches, hoping for the time to pass by quickly. Second half came and the fight was still evident in both teams. Of course St. Pauls did not o back out thinking that the game was over and the played as if it had just begun. Newtown however, did a splendid job of preventing St. Pauls from scoring. At the end of the second half, not even a pastor could convince the fans animals were not being slaughtered at Warner Park. The outrageously fantastic spirit of football fans is definitely back! Delphic Newtown United has secured three point courtesy S. L.Horsford's. The support was absolutely amazing and the fans seemed to be really enjoying themselves. The next game is Conaree vs UDC Garden Hotspurs on Thursday 7th June at 8:00 at Warner Park. SEE YOU THERE!

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