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Basseterre, St. Kitts- SOL Island Auto Conaree are the FA Cup champions after strenuous rounds of knockout matches and a trying final match with Cayon. Constituency #8 was sure they bred 2015’s FA Cup champions. The only question was whether it would be Cayon or Conaree.

In the early stages of the game, the 6th minute to be exact, Byun Morson scored the first goal of the game. In the dying moments of the first half Javeim Blanchette scored Cayon’s first goal of the match. Four minutes before the end of the game it was Byun again who scored for Conaree. Conaree was sure they had the game in the bag but in the 90th minute Leverton Jeffers tied the game once again.

The game then went to extra time as a winner had to be decided in this particular match. No goals were scored during the half hour of extra time and the game had to be decided by penalty kicks. Errol O’Loughlin, Kishorne Ward, Glenroy Samuel, Lajaune Byron and Marvin Charles were successful in their penalty attempts for Conaree.Andy Liburd, Byun Morson and Jassil Francis all missed their penalties for Conaree. Clyde Mitchum, Melroy Morton, Vinceroy Nelson, Cordell Isaac and Valentine Anthony scored their penalties for Cayon. Javeim Blanchette, Leverton Jeffers, Shaqkeem Buttler and Alex Charles missed their penalties for Cayon. At the end of the game Conaree reigned victorious with a one goal difference.

Congratulations are extended to SOL Island Auto Conaree on their victory.

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