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Another Nevisian enters history books, as St. Kitts-Nevis increases its FIFA officials to four.

Basseterre, St. Kitts- The St. Kitts-Nevis Football Association (SKNFA) has started 2014 with very positive news, and it is with tremendous pride, pleasure and distinction; that it shares this information with its football loving public in general, and the Federation on a whole.

Mr. Mario Parry of Nevis has been accepted to FIFA’s International List of football referees for 2014. This is an increase of thirty-three percent (33%) over 2013, as Referee Kimbell Ward of Nevis, Assistant Referees Graeme Brown and Ike Inniss were accepted once again. Mario is therefore now the second (2nd) Nevisian to be afforded this honour, after Ward attained that status, last year, 2013.

Mr. Parry, in commenting on this historic achievement, said it was a relief when Mr. Stanley Jacobs General Secretary of the SKNFA called him today, Tuesday 7th January, and advised him of this.”It was a relief because of the excitement and anxiety I was experiencing, knowing that I was nominated to FIFA since in September last year, and waiting months to find out whether or not I was accepted”, stated Mario quite proudly.”I have been working very hard for this for a few years now, and it feels very good to know that I have been successful”, he continued.

Mr. Parry, who is the first (1st) assistant referee from Nevis to wear a FIFA badge, said when his life-long friend referee Kimbell Ward became the first (1st) Nevisian to be accepted by FIFA, and he was also the first (1st) referee, this motivated him even more.”I would like to make my community of Bath Village; my homeland of Nevis and the entire Federation very proud. I would like to be a role model for young Nevisians, especially if they get into the refereeing business. My aim is to not just be an international assistant referee, but to make it to the World Cup Finals.

I would like to thank everyone who assisted me in reaching this pinnacle of my refereeing career so far, especially the SKNFA for believing in me; for giving me the opportunity”, concluded Mario.

General Secretary of the SKNFA Mr. Stanley Jacobs said it was very gratifying when they received this news.”We have invested a lot in referee development over the last few years, and it is now paying dividends remarked Mr. Jacobs humbly.

Mr. Anthony Johnson, President of the SKNFA could not conceal his jubilation and pride when he remarked “My Executive and I believe that for our football to improve; for our national teams to improve; our standard of refereeing must also improve.”FIFA has been investing a lot of money in the advancement of referees and refereeing” he continued.”The SKNFA has also been doing likewise, and when we have tangible results, such as the second (2nd) Nevisian to attain this accolade; an increase in our FIFA officials from three (3) last year to four (4) this year, a 33% improvement, this tells us that we are doing something good; that we are doing the right thing” the president concluded.

“I would like to finally” declared Mr. Jacobs, “on behalf of the SKNFA, and the football family, extend congratulations to our quartet of FIFA officials, especially Mr. Parry. We wish them all the best, and that they continue to grow from strength to strength.

We have full confidence that they will do us all very proud and are excellent ambassadors for the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis”

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