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SKNFA Anti-doping initiative in full effect. November named Anti-doping month.

SKNFA Anti-doping month
November, 2012 was officially pegged as Anti-doping month. The SKNFA launched it’s Anti-doping campaign on Saturday 10th November, 2012 at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort. In attendance were the General Secretary of the SKNFA Mr. Stanley Jacobs, Technical Director Mr. Lenny Lake, Minister of Health Hon. Marcella Liburd and Minister of Sports Hon. Glen Phillip, Secretary General of UNESCO Mr. Antonio Maynard and Executive director of RADO Mrs. Tessa Chaderton- Shaw.
The campaign was well attended by the focus group, the U-14 teams of the SKNFA WICWC U-14 league. At the event each speaker spoke on the advantages of being drug-free while playing not just football but all sports. Executive director of the Caribbean’s RADO Mrs. Tessa Chaderton- Shaw urged the four organizations to stick together as this is the first time she had ever seen that combination for anti-doping awareness.
Mr. Lake said that the smoking of marijuana is fast becoming a pastime for young players. He added that there had been many instances where the drug has not only affected the players’ level of playing but has resulted in them being incarcerated.
Minister Liburd in her brief address stated that her ministry supports the fight against doping in sports on a local, regional and international levels. She further explained that three of our medical doctors are certified doping control officers.
Minister Phillip urged the SKNFA and the other partnering organizations to be strong in their fight against doping in sports although the road may be rocky. The SKNFA cannot become complacent but must partner with other organizations to overcome the challenges in years to come. November 30th was declared by the minister as Anti-doping day.
All teams were issued invitations to a church service and Anti-doping t-shirts to wear to their games. An anti-doping coaching seminar is slated for Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th November at the Football House. Each Saturday will see U-14 matches and a rally will be held on 30th November, 2012.

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