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Candidates for Ordinary Congress 2013 named.

Basseterre, St. Kitts- The general elections for the SKNFA’s Ordinary Congress is scheduled for Sunday 30th June, 2013. The Anthony Johnson Administration took office in March of 2009 with a team of:

1st V.P- Ellis Hazel
2nd V.P- Alistair Edwards
General Secretary- Stanley Jacobs
executive Members- Don Grant
Dominic Stevens
Raymond Smith
Leroy Hodge
Ken Martin
Troy Hendrickson
The nominated parties for the various positions are as follows:


R.A Peter Jenkins
Anthony Johnson
Alexis Nisbett
Franklyn Maitland

First Vice President:

Alistair Edwards
Leon Natta
Dennison Paul

Second Vice President:

Don Grant
Techelle McLean


John Bergan
Andy Blanchette
Shamalo Byron
Franklyn Dorsett
Fitzroy Eddy
Crios Freeman
Kevin Hope
Gerhon Joseph
Selwyn Liburd
Vernitha Maynard
Keithly Pemberton
Carlton Pinney
Raymond Smith
Dominic Stevens
Stuart Versailles
Corneil Williams
Kaven Williams

Please note that the SKNFA Electoral Committee is in receipt of notice of withdrawal of candidature from the following persons:

Timothy Morton
Benjamin Thomas
Harold Wharton

Media Houses are invited to observe the outcome of the election of the administration for 2013-2017.

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