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Caribbean Football Union Meeting

Unified Caribbean Football Union

Leaders of the thirty national associations of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) held meetings at the Home of FIFA in Zurich, Switzerland, on 20th and 21st December 2011. On this occasion, the members resolved to convene an extraordinary congress and to formalise the appointment of a Normalisation Committee to execute various tasks on behalf of the CFU.

It was resolved that the Normalisation Committee would be comprised of nine members: Mr. Yves Jean-Bart (Haiti), Mr Luis Hernandez (Cuba), Mr Victor Daniel (Grenada), Mr. Jeffrey Webb (Cayman Islands), Mr. Larry Mussenden (Bermuda), Mr. Ronald Jones (Barbados), Mr. Everton Gonsalves (Antigua and Barbuda), Rignaal Francisca (Curacao) and Captain Horace Burrell (Jamaica) who will assume his appointment on 16 January 2012, upon the completion of his suspension from all football activities.

The mandate of the Normalisation Committee includes:
(a) performing the functions of the CFU Executive Committee, until such time that the CFU elects a new CFU executive committee;

(b) appointing an interim CFU General Secretary,
(c) reviewing new CFU statutes to be proposed by the CFU Legal Committee;

(d) preparing the 2011 Annual Report of the CFU;
(e) setting a date for a CFU extraordinary congress to approve the new CFU statutes – such date to be no later than 90 days after 20 December 2011;

(f) setting a date for the for the 2012 ordinary congress – such date to be no later than 15 May 2012 – for the election of members of the CFU executive committee, among other things;

(g) appointing a Legal Committee, a Finance Committee and a Football Committee;
(h) making recommendations to the membership as to the legal domicile of the CFU;
(i) appointing two observers to attend all CONCACAF meetings or working groups; and

(j) consulting with the CONCACAF on the appointment of a member of the Normalisation Committee as the Caribbean zone representative to the FIFA executive committee. This person will hold observer status.

Mr. Yves Jean Bart who chaired the CFU meetings was ‘proud to have been part of such a historical achievement and expects that the decisions taken at the Zurich meetings will result in a brighter and better CFU”,
In reacting to the outcome, FIFA President, Joseph S. Blatter, who invited the CFU representatives to meet under the auspices of FIFA, stated “I am very pleased that the representatives of the CFU have reached an agreement in order to move forward and to look into the future, for the good of the game in the region.”

*Official Release from the Caribbean Football Union

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