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Cayon Rockets and Garden Hotspurs tango weekend in best of three finals

Coming out of the Final Four, the two top teams of the 2016-2017 SKNFA Premier League season begin their Best of Three Finals this Sunday, 11th June, at the Warner Park Venue.

At the 6 pm kick-off time, defending champions FLOW 4G Cayon Rockets will engage Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs, both teams determined to stamp their authority in this first encounter of the best of three matches.

The big question amongst football fans is whether or not Cayon can repeat its victory of last season to be become the back-to-back undisputed SKNFA Premier Division Champion.

And ‘Spurs’ has been waiting a long time and has no intention of wasting this opportunity to snatch the trophy. After all, it has been a 17-year drought, and they want to put an end to that wilderness.

Commenting on the upcoming first game, the coach of the Cayon Rockets, George Isaac,  felt confident his team will perform.

He said, “We have been preparing for the finals and everything has been going well. We are pursuing our strategies and dealing with a few minor injuries, but we are ready. Our intention is to go out there, play hard and win.”

But Garden Hotspurs is unlikely to make it easy for its opponent. As coach Alex Richards said, “It has been a long, long seventeen years.”

Commenting further, Richards said, “We have been training hard for the finals. The team is motivated, full of energy… It’s the first finals in seventeen years, so the guys are pumped up and ready to play on Sunday.”

According to officials of the St. Kitts-Nevis Football Association, all components of the game are ready to be rolled out on match day, including enhanced security measures in and around the facility.

The expectations is that fans and patrons will have an excel time enjoying highly competitive football between the teams on Sunday.

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