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Cayon Rockets wins 2017 President’s Cup

FLOW 4G Cayon Rockets, on Saturday 30th September, defeated RAMS Village Superstars to walk away champions of the SKNFA 2017 President’s Cup that was played at the Warner Park Football Stadium.

The match was characterised by interesting offensive plays and, at times, stunning saves by the goalkeepers.

From the start, it was clear that both teams wanted the trophy. They played hard and fast, and got physical at times, necessitating the issuing of Yellow Cards to offending players.

A couple of players were injured during the encounter and had to be treated off the field of play.

It was Village Superstars that was first successful in scoring. But not too long after, Cayon Rockets  settled the score at 1-1.

On that score the teams went into half time.

On return, the intensity of play was stepped up a couple of notches. The goalkeepers were ‘pressed’ several times from corner kicks, penalties and attempts from close mid-field.

But it was Cayon Rockets that scored their second goal in the second half of play. It was a score for which Superstars had no answer.

When the referee’s whistle sounded the end of match, Village was left to figure out what went wrong.

But for Rockets, it was a superb match.

So the Premier League Champion Cayon Rockets has bragging rights with the President’s Cup in hand. FA Cup Champions Village Superstars played competitive football, but need to tighten their defence.

But it was the fans, in what was a good turnout, who really had a good time supporting their favourite team.

SKNFA President Anthony Johnson, at the end of the match, said, “It was an excellent match. Both teams played their hearts out. We couldn’t ask for more.”

Commenting about the win and the team’s achievement, Captain Clyde Mitchum said, “The whole team is motivated, from management to every player. We have been working hard, and will continue to do so.”

For now, the Cayon Rockets are simply basking in their victory.

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