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League Leaders Flow 4G Cayon Rockets suffered their first loss of the season, losing 2-0 to St. Peters FC in Sunday’s SKNFA Premier League action at Warner Park. Dionis Stephens was the star man for St. Peters, scoring both goals in the 10th and 61st minutes. Coach Austin “Dico” Huggins said the strategy of the match was to keep possession of the ball and allow Cayon to chase them. “We had a few players out so we had to alter the team to take part in this game. What we asked the players to do is to keep the ball because the place is going to be hot and it is important that we keep possession of the ball so the opponents chase the ball and get tired,” he explained.

Coach Al Edwards of Cayon said he had to make several changes to his team due to injuries and suspensions. “A lot of it was forced changes; a lot of cards; in fact, we had about 11 men out,” he explained.

In Sunday’s other match defending champions, SL Horsfords St. Paul’s United brushed aside Fast Cash Saddler FC 2-0—both goals coming in the first half from Keithroy Freeman and Vinceroy Nelson. Manager of St. Paul’s Austin Lewis said this match was not the true test of the team’s capability.  “Not that we devaluing Saddlers, but it’s not a known (top) team. So, I can’t judge (our performance) based on this game,” he said.

Saddlers Coach Samuel Phipps said the goals scored against them were down to defensive blunders.  “We gave up two soft goals early in the game and we made some defensive adjustments and shut it off,” Phipps said, commending his players for not conceding any more goals.