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Cayon wins first game in SKNFA Best of Three

The Best of Three stage of the SKNFA Premier League started Sunday, 11th June, in a match where FLOW 4G Cayon Rockets defeated Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs 2-nil, at a packed Warner Park Football Stadium.

Both teams started with a noted intention to dominate. There was urgency in the game. Cayon and Hotspurs were playing assertive football, building plays down and up the flanks, challenging the goal keepers at times.

In just the opening 10 minutes, there were no fewer than four near goal skirmishes, and it was in just the seventh minute of play that Cayon found the back of the net, with a goal by Javeim Blanchette.

The spectators went wild with excitement. And it might be safe to say that since the start of the match, the Cayon fans were more vocal – shouting to the players, with all sorts of advice coming from several sections of the crowd.

Meanwhile, ‘Spurs’ managed to control the ball long enough to build some plays, challenging the Cayon goal keeper, but not being able to convert.

But Cayon quickly recovered exhibiting more cohesive play in the latter part of the first half. But that didn’t stop Garden Hotspurs from pressing toward goal. On two occasions, the Cayon goal keeping was forced to pull off impressive saves.

As the pressure mounted on Spurs to make their mark, the team picked up two yellow cards.

Then the rain came, starting lightly at first before escalating into a heavy shower, as the players continued pressing for goals.

And it was an unfortunate incident when, in a skirmish in front of the Hotspurs goal, Spurs scored the second goal for Cayon.

The halftime whistle blew allowing both teams some valuable time to finalize their second half strategies.

In the second half, the tempo of play was slower, but characterized with bouts of attacking ball play, but the end of game whistle soon sounded with Hotspurs unable to respond to Cayon’s two goals.

Here is the official breakdown of the first game in the Best of Three of the Premier League final.




Javeim Blanchette 7th Minute

Rackel Allen (Spurs own goal) 40th Minute


Shawn Williams (spurs) 32′

Kennedy Isles (spurs) 33′

Hasani Flemming (spurs) 45′

Javeim Blanchette  (cayon)  51′

Kevin Benjamin  (cayon) 53′

Kareem Galloway ( Cayon)  60′

Alexis Saddler (spurs)  76’

OFFICIALS were Kimbell Ward,  Mario Parry, O’brian Clarke & David Phipps

MC: Cassolis Richardson

GC: Derrick Fyfield

Asst.GC : Theo Clarke

RA: Troy Mills

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