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Clinton Percival fully Committed to National Team

After the successful home and away International Friendly with Grenada, the head coach of the National Team Mr. Clinton “Tinnie” Percival made a difficult decision and one that would further strengthen his position as head coach.

Mr. Percival and the Delphic Newtown United Football Club informed the St Kitts Nevis Football Association that he had officially severed all ties with the Club and was no longer the Technical Director. In the letter which was sent to the Delphic Newton Football Club stated that he was resigning from the position of Technical Director.

Mr. Percival stated that the decision was based on the fact the he viewed the position as Head Coach of the National Team as a more important role to him at this time. The reason for him for staying this long as the Technical Director of the Delphic Newtown was to assist them with the recently concluded CFU Club Championship.

He also felt that his position as the Technical Director was limiting his relations with players and clubs. Mr. Percival has been the head coach of the Senior National Team since 2010.

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