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Conaree FC makes history; Spurs are out of time.

When Conaree FC and UDC Garden Hotspurs shook hands at Warner Park on Thursday 7th June, 2012, everyone was unsure of what would transpire on the pitch. Spurs had a point to prove after an embarrassing defeat compliments S.L.Horsford St. Pauls and Conaree had high hopes in achieving maximum points after only gaining one(1) point from their last game.

In true playoff fashion, the sound of the whistle signaled war. Conaree sped off, creating a whirlwind of opportunities to score. Fifteen(15) minutes into the game, the Dj began blasting infamus music and the crowd leapt in uproar thanks to Andy”Pato” Samuel’s goal. Conaree now had a chance to win this game. In the past two playoffs, Conaree had only scored one goal and gained one point, hence they had already made history.

In the second half, Conaree came out with a vengeance and Spurs just didn’t know what hit them. The Spartans had a game plan and in the fifty-sixth(56th) minute, Andy came back one more time to make the score 2-0. What a celebration this was. Conaree had not only scored another goal, they were on their way to making history as they had never won a Final Four Playoff match before.

In the eighty-fifth(85th) minute, Kervin “Infamus” Benjamin sealed the deal with his goal. It was safe to say Conaree had this game in the bag. UDC Garden Hotspurs hung their heads in shame as they left the field at the final whistle. This game was their second consecutive loss in the Playoffs and they now have no way of making it to the final two, Spurs has once more, run out of time.

As of Thursday evening the point standing is as follows:
Conaree FC-4 points
Delphic Newtown United-4 points
S.L.Horsford St. Pauls- 3 points
UDCGarden Hotspurs- 0 points

Saturday 9th June will feature all four teams in their final matches at Warner Park. UDC Garden Hotspurs play Delphic Newtown United, while S.L.Horsford St. Pauls and Conaree FC do battle. The games are 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. respectively.

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