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Conaree takes one step toward making history.

Basseterre, St. Kitts- Saturday 17th August marked what could very well be a jolt toward history for Conaree F.c. After having competed for a full ninety minutes of play without scoring a single goal, both Conaree and St. Pauls took to extra time, playing with a sense of urgency. after the first fifteen minutes of extra time still no one had scored a go to seal their victory in the first game of the best of three finals.

Fifteen more minutes flew by with countless opportunities presenting themselves but none that were taken advantage of. The game was now into over one hundred and twenty minutes of play and yet neither of the goalkeepers could be beaten. It was now down to the ultimate test of decision making, a penalty shootout.

Andy Liburd was up first, after missing his penalty the previous game against S L Horsford St. Pauls he convincingly played the ball past Jamal Francis to put his team in the lead. Terrance Ward followed for St. Pauls and to his fans’ dismay hit the crossbar. Byun Morson was up next and he sunk his penalty, 2-0 was the score then. Keithory Freeman then missed his penalty for St. Pauls and the score remained. Kadeen Lewis was sure to play the ball past the young Francis to bring the game to 3-0. St. Pauls captain was up next and he ensured that he sunk his chance. The game was now at 3-1. Mudassa Howe was up next, If he scored his penalty the game would be over. With a long runoff, Howe played the ball past the goalkeeper and the green and gold section at the Silver Jubilee Stadium was overcome by total jubilation.

Never have Conaree won the Final four Championship, they have now placed themselves in a position to beat St. Pauls and write their names down in the history books.

Congratulations to Conaree! The Second game of the best of three games is on Wednesday 21st August at 8:00 p.m. Will it end there or go on to game three?

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