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Count down to the Final Four

The Final Four of the 2010-2011 Premier division is fast approaching. The third round of the Premier Division is in full swing and the top two spots are all but secured. S L Horsford St Pauls have been the leading teams for the first two rounds and are at the top of the table with 46 points. Close behind is the Delphic Newtown who struggled in the second round but still maintained their overall points and are in second with 44 points.

The two remaining spot are still open as the point standing are very close and anything can happen. Conaree are at 36 points with Rams Village Superstars at 30 points, St Thomas Trinity Strikers with 29 points, St Peters with 27 points, and UDC Garden Hotspurs with 26 points.

With almost all the teams having played 21 games each, with the exception of St Pauls and Conaree who have played 20 games so far, every game is a must win for all of the team. Mathematically the third and fourth spots are still open. There are three games to be played for most teams with a possible maximum 9 points. St Pauls and Conaree have four games to be played with a maximum of 12 points.

The Division I will also be ending and the top teams for that division is Cayon FC and SPD United in the top two spots. Cayon has not lost a match for the entire season and are poised at the top with 45 points SPD United is close behind with 41 points.

The other contenders for the division playoffs are St Peters Jrs. with 27 points, Davis Construction Lodge Patriots with 25 points and Trafalgar Southstars, Newton Ground FC, and Conaree Fireballs Int’l all with 24 points.

The Final Four for both division are gearing up to be full of exciting football as Cayon are once again in the position to be promoted to the Premier but have to continue on their winning streak throughout the playoffs. S L Horsford St Pauls is at the top of the table in the Premier Division, but Delphic Newtown United will definitely be defending their championship.

The Final Four will begin on 5th June 2011, with the top teams vying for football supremacy and be crowned the 2010/2011 champions.

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