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With matches in the SKNFA Premier League scheduled to kick-off this coming Saturday 26 September 2020, the SKNFA has unveiled a set of COVID-19 safety protocols for the return of football. These include: temperature checks, mask wearing, physical distancing, hand sanitizing and much more. All persons attending SKNFA leagues matches can expect to have their temperature checked and their contact information collected for contact tracing, if necessary. Mask wearing will be a strict requirement for everyone in the stadium, with exceptions for players and match officials on the field. According to the SKNFA General Secretary Mr. Stanley Jacobs, adherence to the health protocols is critical to ensure that the SKNFA continue to maintain its approval status from the National COVID-19 Task Force. Mr. Jacobs further stated that the SKNFA will endeavor to be the platinum standard for hosting events in St. Kitts and Nevis amid the global pandemic.

The key elements of the SKNFA COVID-19 protocols were informed by FIFA and the World Health Organization guidelines, the SKNFA COVID-19 Medical Committee, SKNFA Technical Experts and best practices from other football leagues around the world. A dedicated link for the sharing of COVID-19 information for patrons, players and officials has been established on the SKNFA website www.sknfa.com . A “Spectators’ Code of Conduct” has been created and is available for download from the SKNFA website.

All football activities were suspended at the end of March 2020 in the wake of the global pandemic. Since, then it is safe to say that no other organization has worked harder to create operations protocols to ensure the safety of all its stakeholders. According to the General Secretary, we understand that this will be challenging for everyone as we all adopt to what is now known as the new norm. Nonetheless, we believe that our patrons, players and match officials will be very supportive in adhering to the health safety protocols.

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