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Davis Construction Lodge Patriot to Play For Premier Division Promotion against St. Thomas Trinity Strikers.

Basseterre, St. Kitts- After three matches, Davis Construction Lodge Patriots have earned a shot at being promoted to the SKNFA’s Premier Division.

Trafalgar Southstars, C.C.C Bath United, Davis Construction Lodge Patriots and Youth & Experience amassed enough points in the regular Division I season to advance to the Playoffs. The winner of these playoff matches is then given the opportunity to play against the bottom team in the relegation zone.

Lodge, was the team to dominate the Division I Playoffs having defeated all three of the other teams. C.C.C Bath United was the first to fall although they did convincingly well. Four (4) goals to three (3) was the final score. Youth & Experience showed up and also put up a good fight the end result however, was 2-1 in favour of Lodge. Trafalgar Southstars was Lodge’s final victim, Two(2) goals to nil was the score that has allowed Lodge the opportunity to play for a Premier Division spot.

Cayon FC was automatically relegated after finishing 10th place this season. St. Thomas Trinity Strikers must now fight to keep a spot in the Premier League by defeating Davis Construction Lodge Patriots.

Congratulations to Davis construction Lodge Patriots on a job well done. Good luck is also extended to both Lodge and Strikers, may the best team win.

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