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Day 2 of FIFA Women’s Com-Unity Seminar focuses on Women’s football in the media.

The FIFA Women’s Com-Unity Seminar continued today 10th August with a huge task. The talk of the day was Women’s football in the media. The information made available on this topic seemingly brought ample excitement and interest to the participants.

Though quite a few laughs were shared, the point was definitely brought forward and the women in the room, whom for factual information have consistently outnumbered the men were not about to let this topic die down quickly. The groups spoke of issues surrounding the image of female footballers, the stigma and discrimination, the lack of promotion in the media and the need for more coverage of women’s football amongst other issues.

This however, was not the highlight of the day, the most outstanding element that made this day great was the fact that the groups with their presentations not only spoke of the problems, they thought of and brought forward ideas to fix these issues. They spoke of protecting the image of the players from an early age, they spoke of raising awareness of the game and league to the public in very creative ways such as motorcades and drive-by campaigns.

The passion was evident in the groups and presenters.Five groups presented twice and of those ten times, only once did a man present. The ladies definitely took over today’s session.

The montra for today was “Women’s football is on the rise” and who could disagree with them At the end of a long day, the participants left for Warner Park to enjoy game 2 of the SKNFA LIME Star Browne Women’s League semi-finals.

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