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Defending SKNFA Premier League champions S L Horsfords St. Paul’s, snatched a point from the jaws of defeat on Friday night on their home field. It was a last-minute strike from Vinceroy Nelson that gave St Paul’s a 1-1 draw with St. Peters FC to give the home fans something to celebrate.

Scoring for St. Peters 

Shomari Hanley 35th min

Scoring for St Pauls 

Vinceroy Nelson 90th +8min

Coach Austin “Dico” Huggins of St. Peters, was upset with the outcome as he felt the seven minutes stoppage time had already elapsed and the match should have ended, preventing St. Paul’s from scoring the last-minute goal. Nevertheless, he spoke to the strategy he deployed to restrict St. Paul’s from winning the match. “I think that we played exceptionally well in the midfield. We were winning the ball, being first to the ball, playing more aggressive, and then trying to play the ball as quickly as possible to get them out of position,” Huggins said. “We were more organized in defense as well, so based on the game we played against them in the President’s Cup, we had some work done, especially on the defense,” he further disclosed.

In the night’s other match in St. Paul’s, Jones Group Sandy Point FC, came from behind with 10 men to draw 1-1 with Security Forces FC.

Scoring for Security Forces 

Donyelle Francis (pk) 26th min

Scoring for Sandy Point 

Melrick Warner 77th min

Red card

Alarm Isaiah (Sandy Point) 13th min

(Serious foul play)

This was the first Premier League match week fixtures to play in St. Paul’s for the 2023 season.