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Decisions on Protests & Disciplinary Actions

During the SKNFA National Bank Premier League

The SKNFA wishes to advise of the decisions and disciplinary actions issued on matters that were before the SKNFA Competitions and Disciplinary Committees:

1. Fast Cash SPD United vs. H.E Garden Hotspurs

The SKNFA is in receipt of a protest from the Fast Cash SPD United regarding the ineligibility of player Carlos Bertie during the game Fast Cash SPD United vs. H.E Garden Hotspurs.

The H.E Garden Hotspurs violated rule 10 (D) of the SKNFA Rules & Regulations and has forfeited the match while Fast Cash SPD United has been awarded the 3 points from the match as if it were a match won with 3 goals to none.

2. Jason Isaac – Winners Circle Newtown United F.C

During the SKNFA National Bank Premier Division match – Winners Circle Newtown United vs. SOL Island Conaree F.C on Sunday 2nd November, 2014, player Jason Isaac physically assaulted Byun Morson of the SOL Island Auto Conaree F.C.

For his actions, Mr. Isaac received the following sanctions, and is not eligible for participation in SKNFA activities until the sanctions have been complied with:

1. Twelve (12) months suspension from all football related activities of the SKNFA, which ends on the 31st December, 2015.

2. A fine of $3000.00 to be paid to the SKNFA on behalf of Byun Morson. The amount is to be paid on or before 31st March, 2015.

3. The Disciplinary Committee strongly encourages Mr. Isaac to obtain counseling through his club to assist with his anger management issues.

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