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Delphic Newtown United is five time SKNFA Playoff Champion

A massive crowd gathered to witness the Game 2 of the SKNFA Playoff match up played between Delphic Newtown United and Conaree FC. A phenomenal painting of dominant colours red, white, green and yellow cascaded across the stadium decorated Warner Park on 16th June, 2012 as everyone waited in anxiety to enjoy yet another exciting match.

Spectators did not have to wait long to receive their first treat. In the fourth(4th) minute of play. A man who is no stranger to scoring, Alexis “Lecky” Saddler gave Newtown their first goal and of course sent the red and white into a frenzy. Delphic Newtown Unitede were now one step closer to winning five championships.

Conaree by this time had gotten out of their timid ways and were now ready to “Go hard or go home” as they frequently chant. There were not many opportunities for them but they surely showed Newtown that every victory would have to be well deserved. for the remaining time of regular play, Conaree pressed on and must be commended for playing rigt down to the wire.

In the eightieth(80th) minute of play however, it was Newtown with a repeat of Game 1 when they scored a late goal to seal their victory. They were now eligible to call themselves Champions once more, and a what a well deserved victory it was.

Awards for Rookie of the Year went to Donroy Liburd of Cayon FC and player of the year went to Newtown’s Ian “Rumpy” Lake.

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