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Delphic Newtown United now the first ever SKNFA LIME Star Browne Women’s League champions after unbeaten season.

Delphic Newtown United end the first season of the SKNFA LIME star Browne Women’s League unbeaten and are crowned champions. The ladies played their hearts out up until the final whistle on Sunday 12th August, 2012 to capture their third straight victory over already arch rivals Village Superstars.

Although it was definitely a team effort, Delphic Newtown owe a huge thanks to Shontelle Wilkinson for being the only person to get the ball past Laudine Liburd, Village’s goalkeeper. The match was played as if it were a life or death situation. The atmosphere in the crowd was thrilling, exciting and yet very tense. It mirrored that of a Premier Division match with male teams of the same two clubs.

The turnout was really good and the girls really played to impress. Congratulations to Delphic Newtown United and also to Village Superstars for grabbing the silver medal. Congrats also to C.C.C Bath United for third place and to St. Peters Blue Angels for making it to the final four.

Astonia Carey was awarded M.V.P for St. Peters Blue Angel, Kerisha Powell for C.C.C Bath United, Shermel Johnson for Village Superstars and Tynetta McKoy for Newtown United compliments Ms. Myrtle Wyre. Shandor Wilkinson of Delphic Newtown United was awarded M.V.P of the championship game. We have enjoyed this league and look forward to seeing greater things from the ladies in the near future.

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