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Did you know?(SKNFA’s Ten things you should know)

1. Did you know that Mantab has officially been relegated from the SKNFA Digicel Premier League?

2. Did you know that RAMS Village who won three cups last year has not won any cups this year and has been unsuccessful in securing a spot in the Final Four?

3. Did you know that the top four teams to play for the WICWC U-19 Cup are the same four who will be competing for the U-16 Cup?

4. Did you know that no team in the Premier League has more than two more games to play before the final four?

5. Did you know that the Women’s games will be on the big stage at Warner Park on Sunday 20th May?

6. Did you know that the SKNFA’s Club Futsal competition will be held on Sunday 20th at Basketball City?

7. Did you know that after Today we will be clear as to which Division I Team advances to the finals for a shot at making it to the Premier Division?

8. Did you know that the loser of tomorrow’s game(St. Thomas Trinity Strikers vs Cayon) will join Mantab in relegation?

9. Did you know that the FA Cup Finals is scheduled for Saturday 19th May, 2012?

10. Did you know that the SKNFA will be hosting it’s first ever pageant on 23rd June, 2012?


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