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Disciplinary Committee Report

The SKNFA wishes announce that its Disciplinary Committee met on the 11th day of August, 2011 to discuss the matters of Delphic Newtown United and Rams Village Superstars players; Joel Jeffers, Ken Queeley and Iroy Jeffers.

IN THE MATTER of Delphic Newtown United

Based on the recommendations of the Disciplinary Committee, it is the decision of the SKNFA that;

All players of Delphic Newtown United who would have left the field prematurely in the match Delphic Newtown United versus SL Horsford St. Pauls on 12th June 2011 are jointly suspended for the first five (5) games of the next league. This sanction will also extend to members of Management of Delphic Newtown United present on the bench at the time of the walk off pursuant to Article 11 (b) of the FIFA Code.

Further, pursuant to Article 16 of the FIFA Code, the SKNFA has decided the team Delphic Newtown United would forfeit the award, in particular the sum of the EC$1500.00 as provided in the local rules and regulations.

The names of the players suspended are as follows;
1. Zevon Archibald
2. Akil Byron
3. Avalon Mc Call
4. Oldain Powell
5. Shashi Isaac
6. Jason Isaac
7. Keithroy Saddler
8. Dylon Ferdinand
9. Elcardo Jacobs
10. Ian Lake
11. Kareem Mitchum
12. Derrick Mills (Team Official)

IN THE MATTER of Rams Village Superstars Players; JOEL JEFFERS, KEN QUEELEY and IROY JEFFERS in match Rams Village Superstars versus S.L. Horsford’s St. Pauls on 18th June 2011 at Warner Park Stadium


Pursuant to Article 18 (4) of the FIFA Code, the decision of the Committee in relation to ERNEST QUEELEY is for a furtherance and/or extension of the suspension from the Bench for one match, that is the first match commencing next league.

The Committee wishes further to issue a warning pursuant to Article 13 of the FIFA Code in relation to Mr. Queeley and any other individual and/or team and states that any act that amounts to a non compliance of a previous sanction will certainly be frowned upon.


The committee was not in a position to make any decision in relation to IROY JEFFERS, and accordingly dismisses the complaint against him.


The Committee endorses the red card issued by Referee Stewart Rawlins in the 90th minute, and finds that a fine of EC$1,000.00 is reasonable in all the circumstances. This would be done pursuant to Rule 19 (e) of the SKNFA Leagues’ Rules and Regulations which provides for the payment of such fine from any player or team official who verbally abuses a match official.

The rule further provides for the payment of the fine to the Secretariat before the Team’s next match. Accordingly, the decision of the Committee is for the payment of the fine of EC$1000.00 by JOEL JEFFERS to the Secretariat on or before the next scheduled fixture for the Rams Village Superstars.

Additionally, the Committee wishes to state that it frowns upon this type of behavior and finds it to be unacceptable, and issues a serious reprimand pursuant to Article 14 of the FIFA code in relation to JOEL JEFFERS that this behavior would certainly not be tolerated in the future.

End of Release

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