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Division I Final two teams decided.

After a three game playoff for the final four teams of the SKNFA’s Division I Playoffs, the top two teams have been decided.

In the first game of the playoffs n Tuesday 8th May Davis Construction Lodge Patriots played Trafalgar Southstars and this game ended with Trafalgar Southstars on two(2) goals and Davis Construction Patriots on one(1). In a controversial twist however, it was decided by the disciplinary committee that Trafalgar Soutstars had broken the regulations of the SKNFA when they played with a player not legally registered with their team. The player who was also a goalscorer in this game was said to have played under another player’s name and as a result, they were stripped of their first three points.

In the second match S.P.D United played against St. Peters Jrs and the score ended SPD United 4, St. Peters Jrs 0. The scorers for SPD United were Javed Daniel(38th minute), Philmore Rawlins struck twice in the 39th & 69th minute and Kirtney Walters 85th minute. Hence, S.P.D joined Davis Construction Lodge Patriots at three points.

On May 10th, S.P.D United and Trafalgar Southstars came to a nil-nil draw and on Saturday 12th May St. Peters Jrs beat Davis Construction Lodge Patriots two goals to nil. Scorers for St. Peters Jrs were Livingston Guishard 19th minute and Xzavier Harris 8ist minute. The Scorer for Davis Construction Lodge Patriots was Eddie McKoy 40th minute. S.P.D now had four(4), Trafalgar Southstars had one(1), St. Peters Jr three(3) and Davis Construction Lodge Patriots three (3).

On the final day to determine the final two St. Peters Jrs beat Trafalgar Southstars two goals to nil. Scorers for St. Peters Jrs Livingston Guishard 34th minute Duane Bridgewater 60th minute. S.P.D and Davis Construction Lodge each took one point from the game as the game ended 1-1. The scorer for SPD United was Sean Liburd 8th minute (penalty) and the scorer for Davis Construction Lodge Patriots Alex Saunders in the 65th minute.

The final tally of the scores is as follows:
St. Peters Juniors- 6 points
S.P.D United- 5 points
Davis Construction Lodge Patriots- 4 points
Trafalgar Southtars- 1 point.

This means that St. Peters Jrs and S.P.D United will face off in the finals on Tuesday 22nd May, 2012.

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