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Docked points restored to Conaree F.C.

The 24 points deduced from SOL IAS Conaree F.C. have been restored due to a court ruling handed down on Friday May 24, 2109. The St. Kitts and Nevis Football Association (SKNFA) in a letter to the Secretary of the Conaree F.C. on Friday said: “Pursuant to the interim order of the High Court of May 24, 2019 in claim number SKBHCV2019/0138 between SOL IAS Conaree Football Club and Delwayne Delaney (applicants) and the St. Kitts Nevis Football Association (Respondent), please be advised that the 24 points deducted from your club as per letter of 23 April  2019 have now been restored, pending the outcome of the substantive High Court matter between the parties.” Based on that decision, the club now sits in 5th position in the Premier League Standing.

The points were docked from the club last month after one of its player stabbed Raheem Francis, a player of the Rams Village Superstars after a match involving both teams. In addition to the point deductions, the Executive Committee of the SKNFA imposed a Transfer Ban on the club, which came into immediate effect.

The SKNFA strongly condemned the stabbing incident. “The sport of football is a game, which is aimed at promoting the principles of respect and fair play while bringing together people from various religious, ethnic, social, political and other backgrounds,” the SKNFA said in the statement said. The Executive Committee will be meeting in an emergency meeting on Saturday and more information will be provided within due course.