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Donation to Cayon Primary School leaves kids thrilled and ready to engage in football.

This morning (14th November, 2012) the Technical Director, Mr. Lenny Lake along with management member Dominic Stevens visited the Cayon Primary school and donated Grassroots equipment to the Principal Mrs. Buchannan. The SKNFA has been on a quest for some time now to ensure that all the children of the federation between the ages of 5- 12 have access to the necessary resources for them to become engaged in football. Just recently, the SKNFA donated Grassroots equipment to the Cotton Thomas Primary School.

The Grassroots program is something that should not only be important to the SKNFA but to St. Kitts-Nevis on a whole. The program should ensure that the kids are kept active which brings positive health results, but more importantly, they should be fed mentally. The program is geared at providing the necessary life skills and values training required by the kids. By taking part, the children should be more aware of morals which will help them to evolve into stronger characters.

The SKNFA will continue to follow in FIFA’s example by assisting if the effort and interest is shown by the schools as well as the clubs and communities.

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