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Flow 4G Cayon Rockets drew their first match of the SKNFA Premier League 0-0 with Garden Hotspurs last week Wednesday at home in Cayon. Coach Al Edwards of Cayon said things didn’t go according to plan. “Things didn’t go exactly to plan but nonetheless I think we had the game to win,” he said while commending the Spurs’ goalkeeping for keeping them from scoring.

Spurs coach Steven Brown said the match was evenly fought. “I think both teams went out there with an objective to try and win. Both defenses prevailed, keepers prevailed,” he said, adding that they have been preparing for this game for about two weeks. “I am happy with the team performance…We didn’t lose, which is a plus. The next time out, we will just try and get the three points,” Brown said.

In the earlier match on Wednesday, St. Peters FC drubbed Security Forces 4-1.

Scoring for St. Peters 

Shevene Boston struck twice 21st & 43rd min.

Kiran Malcolm (Security forces) own goal 22nd min

Salas Cannonier (pk) 90th min

Scoring for Security forces 

Donyelle Francis 80th min

St. Peters Coach Austin Huggins said they were in total control of the match. “The game was a very good game. We managed to get control of the game early; we scored three goals in the first half and then the last goal came as a penalty in the last part of the second half…I think we were in total control of the game,” he said.

George Gilbert, assistant coach of Security Forces said missed chances prevented them from getting a positive result. “We had a very good second half but our main striker had four chances. If he had put them away, we would have made a difference in the game,” he said.