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FA Cup down to four teams!

The FA cup quarterfinals kicked off on Tuesday 1st May with RAMS Village Superstars and Newton Ground in a seventy(70) minute match with only one shot at advancing to the Semi-finals. By the 4th minute Shaquille Pringle had already put in one goal for RAMS. It only took them eight(8) more minutes to score yet another goal, another four(4) minutes and they were up three nil(3 nil). By the fifty-seventh(57th) minute RAMS Village Superstars were up by five goals to nil. The goal scorers for RAMS Village Superstars were Shaquille Pringle with two goals while Devaughn Elliott, Travis Somersal and Joel Jeffers scored one each.

The second game featured St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers and Cayon Fc who are currently trailing each other in seventh(7th) and eight(8) positions. As expected, this game was a tough one and neither of the teams allowed the other to score a single goal during regular time. At the end of seventy(70) minutes the whistle blew signalling that penalty kicks had to be taken to determine the winner. The Scorers (Penalty) for St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers were Lance Lewis, Azeem James, Lesimba Challenger and Dion Taylor. The scorers (Penalty) for Cayon Fc were Kurt Morton, Tyrone O’Loughlin and Lesmon Abbott. The game ended 4-3 in favour of Strikers.

On Wednesday 4th May, Delphic Newtown United and Harris Paint St. Peters FC went at it in an all or nothing brawl for advancement. St. Peters FC came out with a hype that was very contagious and got the crowd all worked up. Nine(9) minutes into the game Yuson Slader broke through and scored St. Peter’s first goal. It was Zevon Archibald who equalized the game in the fifty-fifth(55th) minute and again penalty kicks had to be called. Scorers (Penalty) for Delphic Newtown United were Zevon Archibald, Oldain Powell, Kiethroy Sladdler, Sashi Isaac and Akil Byron. Scorers (Penalty) for Harris Paint St. Peters were Kareem Harris, Kyron Phillip, Rhondell Brookes, B’jay Tuckett. This game ended 6-5 in favour of Delphic Newtown United.

The last game for Wednesday was S.L.Horsford’s St. Pauls versus UDC Garden Hotspurs.Again both teams just wouldn’t give in to defeat during regulation time. Goalkeepers refused to let balls in, defenders reused to let balls past them and strikers refused to give in. At the end of regular time no one had lost, but time had surely ran out. Scorers (Penalty) for St. Pauls were Javiem Blanchette, Josh Leader, Terrance Ward and Kiethroy “Kiddy” Freeman. The scorers(Penalty) for UDC Garden Hotspurs were Valmon Jeffers and Zelon Morton. This game ended 4-2 in favour of S.L.Horsford’s St. Pauls. See Video clip of penalties here —> watch?v=h_gxV4-D4go&feature=youtu.be

The Semi-finals will feature St. Thomas/ Trinity Strikers versus Delphic Newtown United and RAMS Village Superstars versus S.L.Horsford’s St. Pauls. The Semi-finals are set to be on Wednesday 11th May at Warner Park.

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