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Female football is here

One top official at FIFA once said the future of football is with Females. Well St. Kitts/Nevis is now joining that band wagon and intends to expand the involvement of females in the wonderful game of soccer by commencing it first ever female football League.
One year ago when coach Isaiah Morris led our females to the second stage of the World Cup Qualifier, the international press was flabbergasted that this was done without the presence of a Female League in the Federation. It was then that he SKNFA initiated plans to have an inaugural League. The plans have been going slowly but now at a stage where an opening is anticipated on hero’s Day September 16, 2011.
The core of the national squads (Senior and U 20) was divided into four teams and a fifth was invited from Nevis. Those teams were encouraged to invite additional players who played before to return to the fore. Managers and coaches were attached and efforts are now afoot to make these teams provisional members of the FA in order for the League to be authentic and recognized by FIFA.
Added to the above, there is a proposal to invite our resident universities (Windsor and Ross) to participate as guest teams or combine forces to form one team. Consequently a brand new female League is St. Kitts could feature as much as 7 teams.

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