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FIFA officer calls on corporate community to partner with SKNFA

Howard McIntosh - FIFA Development Officer

Basseterre, St. Kitts, 25th September 2015 – FIFA Development Officer Howard McIntosh told potential sponsors today that the SKNFA has done “tremendous work”, indicating that very few of the 209 member associations have strategic plans, as does the St. Kitts and Nevis Football Association.

He told the corporate entities attending the SKNFA breakfast meeting at the OTI that the other good news is that the SKNFA “is very much in compliance in terms of the financial submissions, in terms of the requirements that are necessary to ensure that they continue to maintain the standards and get the support necessary from FIFA”.

He made these comments in support of the SKNFA quest to obtain additional corporate partners to associate with developing football in the federation.

McIntosh, who regularly visits the federation in his capacity as FIFA’s development officer for the northern Eastern Caribbean, said there is a perception that the SKNFA has a lot of money, given the support that comes from FIFA.

He took time to explain how the funding works.

McIntosh said, “Football is the only sport that receives an annual subvention that is given to all 209 countries – US$250,000 every 12 months. Because of this, part of the perception is that football has more than enough money.

He said the St. Kitts and Nevis annual football budget is about US$1 million. In addition to the $250,000, FIFA provides funding for infrastructure projects, such as the ongoing FIFA Gold Technical Center Project at St. Peter’s. He disclosed that under the project an additional US$500,000 was released this week to complete that phase of the project. Access to phase three funding, he said, will be determined by performance.

He alerted, however, that none of that money goes to the SKNFA, instead it goes to the contractor and to the consultant. He confirmed that the $250,000 given to the SKNFA is used for administrative purposes and must be accounted for.

Based on the figures, he said, the SKNFA comes up about US$750,000 short in annual financing. McIntosh said, “In the overall scheme of things, this is not a lot of money,” as he compared it to other budgets within the Caribbean and internationally.
But he commended the SKNFA for its management and called on the corporate community to support the Association by being a partner. Speaking on the matter of partnerships and opportunities, the FIFA development officer said, “Football in the world and football in St. Kitts and Nevis cannot work without partnerships,” as he pointed to the necessity of partnerships with Government, the corporate community and the Olympic Association.

McIntosh told the potential sponsors, “You need to support the St. Kitts and Nevis Football Association. That support can come in different forms, through financial and in-kind contributions.”

He emphasized that the programs in football provide opportunities for corporate sponsors to get involved and fulfill their corporate social responsibilities.

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