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Final Four Spot will be decided this weekend

The Final Spot for the Final Four of the Digicel Premier League will be decided this Saturday at Newtown Playing Field. The teams that are already in the Final Four are S L Horsford St Pauls, Delphic Newtown United, and Conaree FC. The teams that will be competing for the final position are Rams Village Superstars, St Peters FC and St Thomas Trinity Strikers.

All three teams are relatively close in the point standings and have one game to play on Saturday. St Thomas Trinity Strikers had a golden opportunity on Tuesday 17th May to put themselves in a better position when they played Conaree FC, but failed to capitalize on several opportunities to score and take the lead. The game ended in a 1-1 draw giving both teams 1 point.

The point standings going into Saturday’s games are Rams Village Superstars 34, St Peters FC 33, and St Thomas Trinity Strikers 33. St Thomas Trinity Strikers play the first game on Saturday and St Peters and Rams Village Superstars will be keenly awaiting the results of this match. Rams Village and St Peters both play each other after Strikers and UDC Garden Hot Spurs game on Saturday. A win for Strikers would mean that Rams Village Superstars and St Peters would definitely have to win their encounter.

The excitement of Saturday’s games is ideal for all football loving fans. The Three rounds of football that were implemented this year have shown that each match is a must win. During the season teams have shown their dominance, and some teams finding themselves. We have seen teams falter and then recover and are now battling for the chance to be in the top four. Teams that have also been counted out as having a chance in the top four are now in a position to shock the football fans and capture the final spot.

The final position for the Final Four will be decided on Saturday and all fans of football are encouraged to attend the game at the Newtown Playing field. It is guaranteed to be the most exciting games of the season before the playoffs. Games start at 6:00 pm sharp.

Matches this weekend are as follows:

Saturday 21st
6:00 p.m – St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers vs. UDC Garden Hotspurs
8:00 p.m – St. Peters vs. Rams Village Superstars
Sunday 22nd
5:00 p.m – Mantab vs. KFC Trinity/Challengers United
7:00 p.m – S.L Horsford St. Pauls vs. Delphic Newtown United

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