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Final two have good chance of winning tournament – SKNFA Technical Director

Lenny Lake Technical Director SKNFA
Lenny Lake Technical Director SKNFA

Basseterre, St. Kitts, 9th June 2016 – After fans experienced the high of a successful match in the Caribbean Cup earlier this week, their attention has switched to the Friday, 10th June, encounter between the remaining top two teams of the Final Four.

Talk around town is that it is too close to call, and that anyone of the teams could win. So, on Friday, 10th June, 8 p.m., Warner Park Football Stadium, FLOW Cayon Rockets will take on SOL Island Auto Conaree FC, in what is expected to be a highly competitive match.

Carnival Cup winners Cayon Rockets has exhibited determination in their football throughout the year in the Premier League. They have been saying they have to win, but Conaree FC has experience on its side having faced off twice against knocked-out defending champions St. Paul’s United over the past two years.

However, SKNFA Technical Director Lenny Lake of the St. Kitts and Nevis Football Association (SKNFA) believes that any team can will. He stated, “The Final Two will always be ‘The Final Two’, in that, it is not you call a team and it wins. It is a tournament of immense pressure.”

He continued, “The teams don’t have much time to recover, and a lot of times the tournament tests the mental strength of both the coach and players; how they can recover and win the second game.”

Nevertheless, Lake said both teams have a good chance of winning the championship. He said, “I am seeing two keenly contesting teams, and I am looking forward to an exciting match.” He believes their aggressive style of play could provide a highly charged and exciting match on Friday.

The technical director does not believe the goal margin would be wide, but he said, “I think it will be a game that people should come out and look at, because I think it will bring great entertainment… You have to be there in the Park to see it.”

But the SKNFA congratulates both teams said Lake, as he referred to the work done by Coach Isaiah Morris, who has taken Conaree back to a final, and the up and coming George ‘Yellowman’ Issac, who for many years was a popular player and who has initiated the resurgence of Cayon under his leadership.

To the fans of football, Lake said, “We will like everybody to come out and support their team. We at the SKNFA are very pleased and happy to have these two teams going into the final. We want to wish them the best.”

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