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Flow 4G Cayon Rockets defeat league leaders to inch closer to playoffs

Frenetic, pulsating and end to end action. These fittingly described the SKNFA National Bank Premier League encounter on Wednesday night between League leaders Rams Village Superstars and back to back defending champions Flow 4G Cayon Rockets at the Warner Park. A must win match for Cayon for them to have any chance of making it into the final four; the team from east rural St. Kitts gave everything to get a goal and a win against the well-oiled machine of Village. Both teams in the second half gave their best efforts and came close to scoring, but eventually the high pressing and quick movement of Cayon paid off forcing an own goal from Dillon Caines in the 88th minute, the dying moments of the match. The bench and fans went into a frenzy, almost as if they won the title.

That proved to be the crucial blow that gave Cayon the three points they desperately needed and closed off Village’s Premier League run before the final four playoffs with a loss. Assistant Coach of Cayon Tyrone Oloughlin said he was worried about the first half performance of his team, but felt they took it up a notch in the second half. “I was worried mostly for the first half. The second half, I wasn’t so worried because I saw the effort in the second half,” O’loughlin said. “This (win) means a lot to the community. We did this for the fans,” he said.

The win puts Cayon closer to booking a final four spot. With 48 points currently and one match remaining, they need to defeat Fast Cash Saddlers United on the weekend in order to book their spot, which would ultimately knock Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs out of the final four spot to 5th place. Should they lose or draw, Spurs will join the likes of Village, Conaree and St. Pauls in this year’s playoffs. That match with Saddlers—that avoided relegation last week with a 1-0 win over St. Thomas Trinity United—will begin at 6pm on Saturday followed by Montserrat Plastic Newtown United vs. S.L. Horsfords St. Pauls F.C. for the final match of the regular season.

The point standings as follow:

  1. Rams Village Superstars 50
  2. SOL IAS Conaree F.C. 50
  3. L. Horsfords St. Pauls F.C. 50
  4. E. Garden Hotspurs 50
  5. Flow Cayon Rockets 48
  6. Elco Ltd. St. Peters 33
  7. MAP Newtown United 30
  8. Fast Cash Saddlers United 22
  9. Thomas/Trinity United  20
  10. G.E. Dieppe Bay Eagles 13



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