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Football + beauty= Miss SKNFA Sports Personality Pageant 2012.

The SKNFA presents the first ever Miss SKNFA Sports Personality Pageant 2012 on 23rd June, 2012. Seven football clubs under the SKNFA’s umbrella have confirmed their participation in the event, namely:
RAMS Village Superstars
S.L.Horsford St. Pauls
Delphic Newtown United
S.P.D United
C.C.C. Bath United

The ladies representing the above mentioned clubs will go head to head in a total of 5 segments. These segments include: Outstanding Team Promo Speech, Best Team Creative Jersey, Best Preforming Talent, Best Team Cocktail Wear, Best Onstage Interview.

The pageant will be held at Carnival Village. The photographs of the Ladies will soon be released.

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