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Football Coaches Return Home

Six (6) young football coaches returned to the Federation yesterday morning 23rd February, 2009. The course was conducted by qualified coaches of the English F.A. The coaches were trained in techniques of teaching the sport to young footballers.

The six (6) new coaches returned eager and ready to impart their skills to the young people of the Federation whom they will begin to instruct in the near future. The coaches and their respective clubs are as follows:
1. Iantha Burke-Cayon F.C
2. Malvern Rogers-KFC Trinity F.C
3. Ian Clarke- Conaree Fireballs F.C
4. Delroy Jeffers-Trafalgar South stars F.C
5. Wayne Pemberton-Verchilds High School F.C
6. Philmore Rawlins-Saddlers F.C

The coaches expressed their pleasure in being selected for the course and lauded President Jenkins for his leadership and foresight in promoting youth football in the Federation. Meanwhile President Jenkins indicated his desire to further the grassroots development of the game by sending off more coaches for training. Mr. Jenkins also mentioned the successes of the Association as he noted that F.A was advised that Gerard “Molongo” Williams is going off for trials in the MLS, another clear indication that the developing programme is working. This comes on the heels of the announcement that Malavi Harris of BHS F.C will be going to England on trials.

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