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French Guiana rained on St.kitts-Nevis’ parade and advance to round II of CFU Caribbean Cup.

On Sunday 14th October though hours of downpour graced the islands, the football had to go on. In the first match of the evening, Trinidad & Tobago who had already qualified, thrashed Anguilla in a 10-nil victory.

Minuted after the first game ended, the game which would determine the next qualifying team commenced. The rain proved to be a barrier for all four teams as it prevented free movement of the ball and the players’ control of their own movements. French Guiana nonetheless got two early chances in the 7th and 8th minutes and scored both thanks to Pigree Gary and Duncan Darcheville.

The rain wasn’t the only thing coming down, the spirits of the SKN players and fans fell considerably. The second half came and St. Kitts-Nevis returned determined to retaliate and seek vengeance. They were able to create a few chances but similar to the past two games, could not capitalize.

French Guiana kept on pressing and in the later stages of the game regained dominance. In the 72nd minute Pigree Gary sealed the deal with one final goal. The full-time score was 3-nil and Team SKN were sent packing.

Congratulations to Trinidad & Tobago and French Guiana on their qualification to Round II of the CFU Caribbean Cup.

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