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General Secretary Stanley Jacobs appointed to CFU Marketing & Media Committee for 2012 – 2016

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, 13th February, 2013- Within the last month we have reported on Second Vice-President and Chairman of Technical & Development Committee, Alistair Edwards’appointment as member of the CFU Development & Technical Committee. Mr. Andy Blanchette was also appointed to serve on CFU’s Football Committee.

Today we are delighted to report that the general secretary of the SKNFA Stanley Jacobs has been appointed to the CFU Marketing & Media Committee Official Appointments List for 2012 – 2016. The goal of this committee is “to raise the professional, financial and visual profile, image and identity of the CFU through the effective use of the region’s media and the mutually beneficial relationships fostered between and among the CFU, government, civil society and the private sector”.

The committee will deal with relations between CFU and its Member Associations, in particular:

a) discusses the general marketing strategy for all CFU competitions for the attention of the Executive Committee;
b) advises on matters concerning the relationship between CFU and its various marketing and media partners;
c) explore, recruit, receive and review sponsorship opportunities and proposals from potential partners and stakeholders of CFU;
d) obtain or facilitate the development of research to inform the creation and implementation of a marketing strategy for CFU;
e) develop strategies for brand, markets, and marketing tactics, promotion;
f) fosters exchanges between national associations and/or clubs on marketing and media matters;
g) monitors development and evolution of football in the Caribbean;
h) discusses topics dealt with by other committees that also concern CFU’s marketing and media activities;
i) reviews and approves annual marketing & communication plan & budget
j) Provides input on all marketing and communications initiatives including but not limited to tournaments, congresses, seminars, and other events;
k) Provides support to CFU marketing events and initiatives; and
l) Acts as football ambassadors for CFU at Union and Confederational levels.

The SKNFA wishes to extend congratulations to Mr. Jacobs on his appointment, continue to strive for excellence and make us proud.

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