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Guinness Street Soccer is back!

After the success of last year’s Guinness Street Soccer, we are pleased to re-introduce the tournament to our member clubs. The SKNFA is pleased to inform that the Carib Brewery will host another Guinness Street Soccer Tournament on the 19th and 26th April and 3rd May, 2013 at 17 degrees on Victoria Road.

All member clubs are asked to take note of the information below:

Kindly be advised of the following information that relates to the Guinness Street Soccer:

1.Sixteen (16) teams will participate in four zones (The Carib Brewery has selected the 10 Premier Division Teams and the current top 6 Division I Teams).

2.The registration deadline for the sixteen (16) is Friday 12th April, 2013.

3.Top Two Teams from Each Zone will advance to the Quarter Finals at which point one game will be played on a Knock Out Format

4.Each team will receive One case Guinness after each Game

5.The winner of the Competition will receive $2000.00; 2nd place $1000.00; 3rd place 5 cases Guinness; 4th place 3 cases Guinness.

6.The winning Team will represent St. Kitts-Nevis in the Caribbean Tournament in St. Vincent in June, 2013. Guinness will take care of airfares, accommodation and meals in St. Vincent for ten (10) persons.

Please contact the SKNFA’s secretariat for further information.

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