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Hobson Enterprise Garden Hotspurs wins first ever J-League competition.

Basseterre, St. Kitts- The first competition under their new sponsor Hobson Enterprise and Spurs are already enjoying winning ways. After a 5-0 victory in the first game Spurs gained the momentum needed to propel them toward the next game with great confidence.

Interestingly, the first half of the first game of the championship ended at 0-0 and the first half of the second game followed suit. Surprisingly enough, the now infamous goalscorer Carlos Bertie was spotted injured on the bench of Garden Hotspurs in the first half.

Ten minutes into the second half, spurs caught their first break to a substitute in his first minute of play. The name of this substitute? Carlos Bertie. Ten minutes later, it was his teammate Tahir Hanley who came forward and slotted one past Delphic’s goalkeeper.

These two players sealed the fate of their team and confirmed Newtown’s destruction. In speaking with the coach of Spurs, Culbert Browne, he expressed that it was a wonderful feeling and it’s been a long time coming. Browne further explained that hard work on and behind the scenes attributed to their victory. “The other teams underestimated us from the get go, and we used that as our motivation. The next step for me is to try and assist the coaching staff at the senior level but I will continue to train with the youngsters” Browne continued. The Junior team contributes six (6) players to the senior team and with this system in place, Browne thinks it will allows the Premier team to go very far. “These players will assist us in making it to the top, at the end of the season we will be in the top two(2) and ultimately champions”.

Spurs played a very intense game and are deserving of the title last night. The positions of the final four teams are as follows:

Final Positions (best of 4)

1st Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs

2nd Delphic Newtown United

3rd St. Peters

4th Rams Village Superstars

Congratulation to Hobson Enterprise Garden Hotspurs!

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