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Karique Thomas stars for St. Pauls in Spurs four goal thriller

Football fans got a real treat on Sunday night with a four goal thriller in the SKNFA National Bank Premier league between Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs and S.L. Horsfords St. Pauls. Just when Spurs thought they were adding three more points to their point tally to maintain their spot at the top of the league, a last gasp goal from St. Pauls ensured that would not happen—literally the last play of the match. Karique Thomas was the savior for St. Pauls, scoring twice in the 75th min. and in stoppage time for St. Pauls to rescue a point for St. Pauls. Spurs ran out leaders in the first half with a goal courtesy of Steve Archibald in the 34th minute. In the second half, Spurs ran rings around St. Pauls and frequently got behind the back line forcing St. Pauls defenders to chase forward and putting much pressure on the St. Pauls custodian. Spurs however, were caught against the run of play when Thomas rocketed a shot in the back of the net for St. Pauls. But that lead was short-lived as St. Pauls immediately supplied pressure on the other end and scored shortly after resumption of play, even while the announcer was still informing fans of the previous goal. Spurs at the time were playing with ten men after Miguel Crawford was sent off for an errant tackle. It seems like the team from Central Basseterre was heading for back to back wins when St. Pauls earned a corner kick and Thomas once again scored the equalizing goal in the very last minute of play, sending the fans and St. Pauls bench in a frenzy. Coach St. Clair Morris however was not amused with the crazy ending to the match and felt one of his players was fouled in the lead up to the last minute goal.

However, Austin Huggins, Coach of St. Pauls, felt his team played poorly, mainly due to a reshuffled squad as some of his main players were out due to suspensions.

In the night’s other matches Rams Village Superstars drubbed TGE Dieppe Bay Eagles 4-1.


Georgel Dickenson 20th min


Joseph Wilkes 10th min

Lashel Pogson (dbay) own goal 42nd min

Tiran Hanley struck twice 85th & 90th min

*** OFFICIALS were  I-Shana Broadbelt , Mario Parry , Saskiya Parris & Kimbell Ward

RA: Kendrea Tully

GC: Theo Clarke




Nequan Browne 20th min

Dakeem Esdaille 62nd min


Kirae Jarvis  (pk) 53rd min


Nequan Browne (strikers)  22nd min

Jael Gumbs (strikers) 36th & 87th min

Tristan Hanley ( saddlers) 45th min

Tyrique Francis (strikers) 89th min

Rodgernique Hendricks  (strikers) 90th min


Jael Gumbs  (strikers)  87th min

*** OFFICIALS were Nicholas Rose,  Kenni Martin, Shane Browne & David Phipps

RA: Delroy Jeffers

GC: Derrick Fyfield

Point standing

  1. Rams Village Superstars         31pts
  2. H.E. Garden Hotspurs            31pts
  3. Flow 4G Cayon Rockets          26pts
  4. S.L. Horsfords St. Pauls          26pts
  5. SOL IAS Conaree                     22pts
  6. Elco Ltd. St. Peters                  17pts
  7. Winners Circle Newtown       14pts
  8. Fast Cash Saddlers                  10pts
  9. St. Thomas/Trinity United   10pts
  10. T.G.E Dieppe Bay Eagles        6pts


 Caption: Austin Lewis of St. Pauls, battles for the ball with Kennedy Isles of Spurs.

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