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Lady Spartans, Sandy Point on a roll in Elvis Star Browne Women’s League

Winners Circle Newtown Females demolished U-15 Girls 9-0 while Sandy Point F.A. drubbed St. Thomas/Trinity 7-1 in Elvis Star Browne Women’s League matches on Tuesday. Tishanie Warner pulled off a player of the match performance for Sandy Point with five goals: the 28th, 55th, 64th, 69th and 71st minute. The other two goals for her team came from Jhrencia Jeffers, who scored in the 6th and 20th minute. Shakira Gumbs scored a penalty for the losers.

In the Newtown match: Tracy Willock scored four goals: in the 8th, 18th, 38th and 76th minutes. K-Shanta Mills netted twice (56th and 65th minutes), Leranja Wilkinson netted in the 50th minute, Katelyn Forbes in the 70th minute and K-Shanta Mills in the 56th and 65th minute. And if those goals were not enough, Javisha Bowry scored and own goal in the 76th minute.

Meanwhile, Conaree Lady Spartans edged Rams Village Superstars 2-1. Rudzella Tucker of Village got them in the lead early in the first half with a 6th minute strike but only to be outdone by Kewandra McCall in the 31st minute from Lady Spartans and the winning goal from Dalencia Roberts in the second half (58th) minute.

Earlier in the week, at the Gardens Playing Field on Sunday, Conaree Lady Spartans dismissed Spurs Ladies 3-0. Kewandra McCall, Tarvia Phillip and Akeja Morton all scored in the first half (28th, 34th and 40th mins respectively).

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