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Last Round of Final Four- Who’s dream will be made and who’s hearts will be broken?

Basseterre, St. kitts- Football fans are anxiously awaiting the last round of the final four on Wednesday to see which teams will make it as finalist for this coming weekend playoffs. After three nights of exciting games at the Silver Jubilee Stadium, the clear cut winners who will move on to the next stage have yet to be identified.

The results at this stage indicate:

Conaree F.C. 4 points
S.L. Horsfords St. Pauls F.C. 4 points
H.E. Garden Hotspurs F.C. 2 points
Rams Village Superstars F.C. 0 point

However, with one game each left, there is the great possibility that there could well be a fight for the final two spots. The interesting scenario exists for all teams to end up with five (5) points: if Spurs wins Village, they will gain the additional 3 points and if the game is drawn between Conaree and St. Pauls they will both gain 1 point. Thus the tension is on, and the teams are gearing up, ready to put their best to make it to the ultimate spot in order to vie for the honour of becoming the 2013 champion.

Supporters get the opportunity to cheer on their teams in a festive atmosphere where entertainment is provided by Magic Fingers Ronnie Rascal in addition to the famous Iron Band. Lots of food and drinks are available and the usual Digicel halftime kick for cash, and other exciting prizes for fans are available.

The teams are ready, fans are ready, no one wants to miss this one! Ticket prices are $20.00 in the Kim Collins Stands and $10.00 for the Grounds. The doubleheader kicks off on Wednesday at 6:00 pm sharp, don’t be late! Just in case you can’t make it to the stadium, you can always log in at http://liveislands.com/ for live streaming of the games.

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