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Lenny Lake for yet another Concacaf Panel?

Basseterre, St. Kitts- In the past three months Lenny Lake has been blazing a trail on the regional scene with respect to panel appointments. In 2011 he etched his name into history by becoming the first Kittitian to be appointed as a FIFA Grassroots Instructor. In 2012 he receive numerous appointments to conduct courses around the region as well as in other parts of the world including Central America. In 2013 Lake was given the opportunity to join the Concacaf Technical Committee, an opportunity which was accepted. Yet again this year CFU’s coaches and club licensing committee called for Lenny Lake to hop on board.

As if this were not enough, just last week, Mr. Lenny Lake was invited to the Concacaf Coaches Instructor’s panel. Lake explains that his many Grassroots appointments attributed to the vast amount of exposure he has gotten recently. He continued to explain that he was able to interact with persons of the various communities while on voyages to and during instructor duties. “The difficulty of educating persons to teach children, and being able to break it down to the point where a teacher or parent could understand the complexities of football does not go unnoticed. This he says allows others to build a perception of him being a good deliverer of football information.

Now, not only is Lenny still delivering information to Grassroots coach educators, he is now amongst committees which govern football in our country and also around the region. CONCACAF’s president Jeffery Webbe has indicated that his vision is finding a way to improve grassroots and youth football and our Technical Director may be a medium by which he does so. “My appointment could be justified by my involvement for several years, now that CONCACAF is trying to revamp it’s old way of doing things and investing more in youth development, I would be one of the persons that their attention would be switched to”.

The Concacaf Coaching Panel is a panel by which the CONCACAF Licensing Program will be developed. The panel of twelve (12) being gathered from across the entire confederation. The Program will begin at the “D” License and work it’s way up, hopefully making to the “A” level. “This is an appointment for St. Kitts-Nevis and the Caribbean Region, I am just the messenger. To be able to have someone at the top to speak on our behalf, to talk about some of our challenges and see how they can be tackled, should improve the level of our coaches and have a trickle-down effect of improving our standard of play.

Many congratulations to you Lenny!

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