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Mantab deliver shock blow to Cayon on their home turf

Despite having home field advantage, Flow 4G Cayon Rockets lost their second straight Premier League match at the St. Mary’s Park in Cayon on Sunday, after losing to Mantab 1-0.



Sylvester Alexander 17th min

Assistant Coach to Cayon Jazza Buchanan explained the loss, noting that injuries to key senior players in his squad, forced him to field a much young inexperienced team in the last two matches. “We have been battling some serious injuries…we have to make some slight changes to the starting lineup because two of the guys who were in the team got injured during the training on Friday,” Buchanan said. He said some of the injured players are looking to make a comeback soon as they have resumed training.

Cayon lost their first encounter at the St. Mary’s Park to Atiba St. Peters F.C. the previous week. Speaking of St. Peters, they came from behind to draw 1-1 with S-Krave Newtown F.C. in

Sunday’s earlier match.


Devaughn Elliott 45th min


Kareem Simmonds 67th min

Meanwhile, Sunday night’s main match saw SOL IAS Conaree edging Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs 1-0. Wasim Howe was the goal scorer, finding the back of the net with what appeared to be a cross from the left hand side of the field, but somehow found its way in the back of the net in the 24th minute. Coach Alexis Morris of Conaree was pleased with the win and said this was a new thrust for the team, considering recent results. “I must say that the guys are becoming a bit more disciplined according to what we have been working on the pitch….we welcome the three points this evening. Like I said to them this evening, we are looking at the points table and three points was a must,” he said after the match. “If you want to stay in the hunt and the thick of things, three points was a must for us tonight and that was (what we did). We got the early goal and we stayed in it and were able to stay off the Spurs attack in the final 15 minutes,” Morris added.

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