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Minute of silence for footballers who died in plane crash

In memory of the Chapecoense football team members who lost their lives in a tragic aircraft crash, the SKNFA is joining other associations around the world in marking the tragedy at each game played over the coming weekend, according to SKNFA General Secretary Stanley Jacobs.

The SKNFA is arranging to have players wear black armbands at each of the five Premier League matches to be played this weekend. The one-minute silence will also be marked during each match.

This worldwide action comes after the Bureau of the Council agreed to a proposal from FIFA President Gianni Infantino. As a consequence, associations around the world have been asked to integrate the minute of silence and the wearing of black armbands in recognition of the loss in the football world.

Earlier, operations of the company that owned the crashed chartered aircraft were suspended. Initial investigations revealed that the aircraft ran out of fuel just before landing at Medellin airport in Colombia, at the end of a flight from Bolivia, South America.

Seventy-one persons died in the crash, including most of the Chapecoense football team and accompanying journalist to what was to be the finals of a South American football tournament.

The aircraft was to be refueled along the way. From published accounts, a late departure forced the missed refueling stop as that airport was closed. The captain did not divert to any nearby airport, but continued to Medellin where it ran out of fuel just minutes away from the Medellin airport.

The loss of the football team, a rising star in South American football, sent shockwaves through the football world, and an outpouring of sympathy for the families who lost their sons and fathers in the plane crash.

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