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Mitchum, Francis and Leader Join World Cup Training Squad

The return of these players to the current training squad will definitely bring additional talent and strength to the team during the World Cup Game against Puerto Rico.

Also expected to join the squad are Gerard Williams and Kareem Harris who are currently playing for the St Kitts Nevis Team in the Caribbean tournament in New York. These players are expected to arrive on island shortly.

Senior National Team WCQ Training Squad
Akil Manaras Byron Newtown Utd
Julani Archibald Village Superstars
Jamal Francis St.Pauls United
Alexis Al Richards Village Superstars
Thrizen Jamas Leader St.Pauls United
Kareem Kar Mitchum Newtown Utd
Kendale Liburd Challengers
Kareem Cobs Harris St. Peters
Rovan Wigley Garden Hotspurs
Irandy Byron Conaree United
Mudassa Jahjah Howe Conaree United
Joel Joey Jeffers Village Superstars
Lisimba Simba Challenger Challengers
Gerard Molongo Williams
Alexis Lecky Saddler Newtown Utd
Devaughn Elliott Village Superstars
Austin Bugman Lewis Conaree United
Lawrence Ajah Jeffers Village Superstars
Javiem Veemy Blanchette St.Pauls United
Orlando Ack Mitchum Barracudas
Shaquille Shaq Adams Garden Hotspurs
Errol Booski O’Loughlin Conaree United
Ian Rumpy Lake Newtown Utd
Travis Rugrat Sommersall Village Superstars
Tishan Hanley Garden Hotspurs
Jevon Francis Village Superstars
Terrence Ward St.Pauls United

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