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More football action at Warner Park!

After a very exciting end to international football in 2011, the SKNFA plans on making this a very memorable football year. To initiate this plot the SKNFA kicks it off with an international friendly on Saturday 3rd March when team SKN comes up against team Antigua-Barbuda. The game kicks off at 6:00 pm at the Warner Park so come on out and support our Sugar Boys!

The team SKN squad has been named, and the names are as follows:
1. Julani Archibald
2. Jamal Francis
3. Zeleon Francis
4. Kareem Mitchum
5. Kadeem Lewis
6. Thrizen Leader
7. Kareem Harris
8. Errol O’loughlin
9. Rovan Wigley
10. Jerome Thomas
11. Orlando Mitchum
12. Devaughn Elliott
13. Javeim Blanchette
14. Austin Lewis
15. Dionis Stevens
16. Josh Leader
17. Ajah Berkeley
18. Jermaine Carey
19. Tishan Hanley
20. Ian Lake
21. Terrance Warde
Bring your flags, rags, shirts, horns, replicas, umbrellas and anything else that signifies St. Kitts and represent for our boys.

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