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The 2023 Final Four Playoffs of the Elvis Star Browne Women’s League got underway on Tuesday night with victories for MFCR Old Road United Lady Jets and Honda Newtown United. Old Road defeated Mapau Cayon Rockets 2-0. Shakima Brandy scored both goals in the 49th and 53rd minutes. Coach Roger Hendricks of Old Road said he is pleased with the result, but knows they have work to do to prepare for their next match against Newtown on the weekend. “(At halftime) I went in the locker room and I told them you need to take the ball, knock it around, and play it through the space, and that; ‘s how we got the first goal,” Hendricks said.

Coach Valentine Anthony of Cayon said his team dominated the first half but lost concentration in the second half resulting in the loss. “Not a good start but my girls came out tonight and they really played their hearts out. We dominated the whole first half. We came back out second half and we lost concentration a little bit and Old Road capitalized on that. But it’s a good performance from my team,” Anthony said.

In the second of Tuesday’s doubleheader, Newtown ladies crushed playoff debutants Queen City 8-0. Christ-Anne Mills scored a hat-trick in the 13th, 16th, and 48th minutes, Shameka Isaac scored two goals in the 81st and 87th minutes, two goals also from Katelyn Forbes in the 41st minute and 59th minutes, and a goal from Sharema Blake in the 19th minute. Coach Shashi Isaac of Newtown, said the mindset coming into the match was to be patient on the ball and execute opportunities created. “The mindset coming into tonight’s game was to play tight and once there were opportunities, put them away,” Isaac said.

Tashieca Bowen of Queen City said they will come harder in the next match and she is proud of her teammates’ efforts in qualifying for the playoffs for the first time. “I’m proud. Proud, proud. It’s our first time coming into a tournament like this (and the first time) for most of the players. It wasn’t a lot of experience but I think we performed well,” Bowen said. “I think we need to communicate better and look for each other in the game… teamwork.”