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Newtown Trounces Conaree in 2-0 defeat in Game 1

In a previous article promoting Game 1 of the SKNFA Playoff Finals, the question was asked:”Will experience have the advantage, or will sheer hunger for victory and the chance to etch their names into the stones of history be Conaree’s motivation to victory”.

Experience definitely got the upper hand in Game 1. In the same fashion that the Playoff has mimicked throughout all of the past games, kickoff proved to be the catalyst for war. In the first twenty(20) minutes, no one had really gotten the upper hand. The ball was moving from one team to the other and back. Both teams seemed to be a bit jittery, perhaps due to the caliber of the game and the circumstances it bore.

Newtown however, were able to settle into the game quicker than Conaree and began increasing their possession percentage. In the 25th minute, it was Ian “Rumpy” Lake who gave Newtown what they desperately wanted even in these early stages. Though the goal may not have been the prettiest of goals as it came as a result of a scramble,it still counted and Newtown were now ahead.

Conaree seemed to be quite distant and fans were beginning to question whether they deserved to be there. In the dying moments of the first half however, spectators began seeing the Conaree they had grown to know and love with neat touches of the ball and sneaky penetrative passes. Their chances had not been successful and the half time whistle blew.

In the second half, Conaree tried to regain their composure and prove to everyone that they indeed belonged in the Finals. Within two minutes of play it was Shashi Isaac of Newtown who had unexpectedly struck a ball at Conaree’s goalkeeper and has brought rise to Newtown supporters hopes of taking the gold. The game was now 2-0 in favour of Newtown.

For the remaining forty-three(43) minutes of play Conaree definitely put up a fight but in the end it was said that experience overcame hunger for history. The Finals is now 1-0 in favour of Delphic Newtown United, the question now is whether or not Conaree can kick their hunger into overdrive and come back on Saturday to win, ultimately drawing the Playoffs and keeping their hopes alive.

Saturday’s match will begin at Warner Park at 8:00 p.m. SEE YOU THERE!

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