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Nu Vybes Band Int’l To Kick off World Cup Qualifiers

The first game of the World Cup Qualifier for St Kitts Nevis is set to kick off with a bang. The St Kitts Nevis vs Puerto Rico World Cup Qualifier game is set for Friday 2nd September. Friday is not a traditional day for football in St Kitts so the St Kitts-Nevis Football Association has put in place a pre game event in order to encourage fans to support the Sugar Boyz.

The first of six game home and away series, will see for the first time a pre-game event. The pre-game event will start at 5:30 with the Nu Vybes Band Int’l. Nu Vybes Band Int’l will play before the game and give persons the opportunity to come to Warner Park and get entertained and also get excited about the match. “We felt that because the game is of such importance and we need the full support of the nation, we needed to encourage persons to come on out to Warner Park on a nontraditional football day”, explained Marketing Manager Andrea Liburd. “Entertainment has become an integral part of Sport and we feel that a band such as Nu Vybes with such a large fan base will bring more persons to the park on Friday 2 September.”

Nu Vybes Band Int’l will be on hand to get the fans in the spirit of the game and bring excitement to the Stadium for the first match. The start time for the match is 8:00 pm. The price for the game is $20 stadium and $15 for grounds. The other two home games will be played on Tuesday 11th October against St Lucia and Tuesday 11th November against Canada.

The entire Federation is encouraged to come and witness team St Kitts-Nevis first match on the Journey to Brazil in 2014.

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